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Marketing Tool dashboard

Dashboard for our real estate marketing platform

The Problem:


Our company has several marketing platforms to help our clients promote their listings, agents, etc. However, they are not under one software so our clients would have several sites they need to go to in order to use those tools.

The Process:

My team and I went to the whiteboard to map out the layout of the dashboard. We needed to figure out what the dashboard would show, and the best way to utilize space without it being overcrowded. The features we needed and wanted it to show were: 

  • A preview of each platform

  • Calendar showing all scheduled campaigns

  • Fast and easy way to create a campaign


The Solution:

The main solution was a dashboard that would join all platforms for our clients to utilize these platforms at once. We wanted a consistent look that would go along with our other products. We also mapped out the path to create a campaign, which is the biggest thing our clients will utilize with the dashboard.

Go through our prototype below or go here!

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