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A minimal design for a local law firm

Who Is My Client? 

My client is a brand new law firm that focuses on small business, individuals, and families. She came to me needing a full website that she could explain her services, sell contracts, and book consultations. She was specific on wanting it to minimalistic but informative. She also hired me to design a very minimal logo for her site.

My Approach?

I first started with her logo and sent her 3 design ideas, which from there she we revised from the one she liked the most. It was a very quick turn-around time and I was able to take the ideas and feedback she provided for the logo to implement into the design of her website.


For the website, I met with my client and asked her more in depth what she was looking for. What pages she needed for her site, and then I explained to her the process I'd take to create her dream website. 

First I created a general site map of what she asked for and that gave me a good base on how to proceed when I started researching competitors. She sent me a few different sites that she liked, design-wise and content-wise. 

I grabbed five different competitor sites and did cross comparisons on what services they included, pages they had, and the content. I made notes of what was wasn't very intuitive for a first time user, as well as timed how long it took me to find certain things on their site, for example, on one site it took me 14 seconds to find the services page.

After doing that research I was ready to create my wireframes and high fidelity compositions.

I created this website using Wix's new editor x. It's still in beta, so there was a lot of learning curves from the original editor. The new editor has better responsiveness, which made the end product very easy to view on all breakpoints. I ran a full QA on my end and had several people run through the product. I gave them different scenarios to see how long it took them to reach each point and asked them for suggestions/comments.

My Results?

My client loved her site and we successfully launched it! She is up and running helping her own clients and building her firm.

View her website here.

Project Screenshots

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