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BRIvity home app

An app targeted for home-buyers and their real estate agent



  • Me (Jade) - UX/UI Designer

  • Jarad - Head of Project

  • Jared - Developer

  • Matt - Developer

Project Brief 

Brivity is our sister company that is based in Washington. We work close with them and often cross collaborate on projects. The brief was to re-design our home app that allowed home-buyers to search for homes (like Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, etc.), but with the twist that their app was synced with their agent. 

What is the problem?

This app has been in the works for years but has never gotten far because our stakeholder just didn't like the direction the app was going in. He finally came to my boss (Jarad) and asked him to take lead on this project and assign a designer. I came into this project with it already in development, so the biggest problem was not only taking away things that didn't work, but also going into it with the UI already done and having to change the function. 

What is our goal?

Our objective was to implement functions that allowed the home-buyer and real estate agent to work together in finding a home or selling their home. 




As mentioned before, this project has already been in the works and there was already a lot of the product built out. The research for me, was to go through it and get a feel for what has already been done, while also comparing it to our competitors. I had to ask myself, how is this any different from any other home apps? 

The UI was already done, so my biggest challenge was to come in mid-project and figure out how to make my own spin on the app where there was a noticeable difference in how this app functioned. 

It's obvious that this isn't a normal way of doing research, but because the Brivity team had already started the project, my research was really to research the product given to me. 

Designing Mid-Way

While a lot of the screens were done, there wasn't much wireframing to be done at first. My first goal in designing the app, was to take away what didn't work and add in functions that made it more user friendly. This was the largest part of my contribution to the app. 

Once changes were made to the existing app, that's when I started adding in functions that improved the user experience for both the home-buyer and the agent. 

Here are just some of the small changes that were made to the app.

Project Screenshots

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