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Reports 2.0

Revamp and moving our reports platform to new software




  • Me (Jade) - Product Designer

  • Neil - Product Design Manager

Project Brief 

Moving our reports feature to PanIntelligence software and need to revamp the design and flow.

What is the problem?

Our reports feature in Playbooks Manager doesn't provide enough information for our clients to use.

What is our goal?

Provide a better experience for our clients when they need to look at the numbers for their team and their usage of Playbooks.



Map Out Flow

With PanIntelligence, they allow us to design custom reports for our clients to use. We initially built a reporting feature within our own product, but it wasn't as customizable as we wanted it to be for our clients. We wanted it to be bigger and better for clients to really dive into the data, such as finding out how well an individual team or even person is doing, or how many calls have been placed in a specific timeframe? 

Our whole team started working on this project before I took over the rest of the design. We started out by mapping out the flow of how we wanted clients to be able to use this feature, and what graphs best showed the data they wanted to see. 

Screen Shot 2021-06-11 at 1.58.34 PM.png

Report Layout & Data

Once we had an idea of what reports our clients would want overall, I wireframed each individual page. My manager and I came up with the questions they would want answered, and my goal was to figure out which graphs would answer the questions the best.

Revise & High Fidelity Designs

After multiple critiques and revisions, we were confident in moving forward with high fidelity designs. It might seem confusing to do this when we are creating these reports through a program that generates them for us, but engineering still needed screens to know not only the UI for our specific reports, but the graphs that will be specifically generated on each page. 

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