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Luxury real estate templates

Luxury site templates for real estate agents

The Problem:


My team was tasked to design luxurious website templates for high-end real estate agents.

The Research:

My team and I got together to research different real estate agents sites that targeted the same audience. We decided to take a look at each one of them to see what they were doing well, or had in common, and what they were missing or lacking in that we could improve from. 

Doing Well/Common Features: 

  • One featured property at a time

  • Highlight of the firm or agent

  • Using large, clear, and elegant images


  • Crowding the home page with information

  • Overuse of effects, such as image hovering or carousels

The Solution:

We designed 5 templates to showcase to clients. I designed a site for one agent and for a big firm. They showcase their properties, with a highlighted video, social media, about information, and contact.

Scroll through my designs below!

Luxury 1 - See the developed site here

Luxury 2

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