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Client Websites

Websites created for clients with Blueroof360

I am a UX Designer with Blueroof360. We design websites for real estate agents and brokerages so they can sell homes to clients.

The Process:

Client/Stakeholder Call - 

The first step is a client/stakeholder call. We have an account manager that works with our clients through the entire process.

During our client call, our account manager will touch on different points to help kick-off the process. She will ask them basic site needs, what they hope to accomplish, what they want to essentially keep on their current site if that applies, and then we'll talk about other sites they like. 

Designing and Developing Home Page - 

We send out an initial home page mockup which we will then jump on a second call to go over the different designs and pin-point exactly what they want and need. 

As soon as the home page design is finalized, we'll start developing it! Working for a small company I wear many hats, and one of them is front-end developer. Once the home page is full developed and responsive, we will send that link to our client for them to see one more time before we move forward with the rest of the site. 

Developing Their Entire Site - 

The last process to our client sites is finishing the interior pages. These pages don't require a lot of time as real estate agent sites typically have the same content. Interior pages are typically:

  • Property search 

  • Buy

  • Sell

  • Team/Agents

  • Contact

Website Launch!

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